India Ayurveda Program

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Dancing Shiva presents...

INDIA 2017  

Namaste friends and Community,

Year after year our intimate and humble groups have enjoyed their studies of Ayurveda & Yoga in the sacred land of India. Its really hard to explain in words how valuable it is, simply just "being" in India. You naturally absorb so much great wisdom from this colorful culture. Students of these unique training programs actually participate at a fully fledged Ayurvedic University in Pune and at a living Eco-Village

D.Y. Patil College of Ayurved & Research Centre is a prestigous university that is affiliated with Dancing Shiva to offer non-Indian students an opportunity to study Ayurveda in the most authentic environment. More important than the state of the art school and hospital facility is the highly trained faculty of doctors, practitioners, yoga teachers and community leaders that come together to bring great depth of wisdom and practical clinical experience to all our students. Attendees will enjoy cultivating new friendships and learning from the experience of being immersed in Ayurveda in its homeland. The empasis is on providing a balanced approach to learning between theoretical knowledge and practical experience.  I have seen over the years how changed our students are from attending these programs, from being in India and the renewed spiritual attitude that they infuse into their lifestyles. Its truly a life changing experience that everyone can enjoy and benefit from. Please do let me or our Dancing Shiva staff know how we can make this experience better for you.

In service, love and gratitude,










Bhakti Yoga Immersion

October 23rd - 30th 2017

*Recommended arrival into Mumbai is October 20th or 21st 2017. All participants will be picked up and taken to the ashram to rest and adjust to time change before departing to the Govardhan Eco-Village.

Join Mas Vidal for his annual Bhakti Yoga Immersion program for a special gathering of yoga asana, chanting and spiritual purification and study. This week will also provide education into Vedic ecology and its valuable tenents for living a balanced life of health and wellness.

Program Schedule-Itinerary will include:

~ 5am - 7:30am Daily yoga practice, kirtan (chanting) and meditation (Eco-Village)
~ Visit it sacred sites (Temples, Mahatma Gandhi's home and more) (In Mumbai before departing to Eco-Village)
*7:30am - 8:30am Breakfast (Eco-Village)
~ 9am - 11:30am Wisdom-Study classes (Eco-Village)
(Class t
opics include Yoga-Ayurveda, Bhakti, Vedic Ecology.
~ 11:30am - 12:30pm Short Break
*12:30- 1:30pm Lunch (Eco-Village)
~ 2pm - 5:30pm Variety of offerings Vedic ecology (permaculture, cow and farm animal care, sustainable living work (seva) and educational classes. (Eco-Village)
*~6pm - 7pm Dinner (Eco-Village)

Note: The above schedule is an outline and is subject to change slightly.

Additional Points:
~ There is also the option to enjoy ayurvedic treatments (separate cost) and impromtu satsanga's with Mas and special guests teachers and Swami's from India.
~ *All meals are vegetarian and there are many delicious options for both the Indian and western diets.
There will be a 1/2 day hike option to the top of a nearby mountain that was an old fort of the great warrior Shivaji.