Our Purpose

The Dancing Shiva center that began in Los Angeles, California in 2001 has transitioned into an international non-profit educational organization (501 C-3). Dancing Shiva is committed to improving the quality of life in all individuals regardless of race, religion or cultural diversity through the universal teachings of Yoga, Ayurveda and Eastern philosophy. Our focus is based on a three-fold approach of education, practice and lifestyle of Vedic wisdom integrated into modern day living.

Our vision is to bring practical ayurvedic wisdom into daily mainstream living to eradicate the chronic health issues of today, as well as to inspire individuals to live with a spiritually harmonious attitude. Through its programs, counseling, classes, workshops and lifestyle retreats, Dancing Shiva aims to provide an integral approach to personal healing and social transformation. Dancing Shiva endorses Ayurveda as a real health-care reform that is capable of bringing the mind-body into living a natural and balanced lifestyle. We believe in Yoga as the most complete system of holistic healing that fosters simple living and high thinking as the solutions to individuals in crisis.

We invite you to join our global community that enjoys the promise of wellbeing, peace and happiness.